Cooperation in the field of academic entrepreneurship

Cooperation between academia and business is one of the priorities in the state innovation strategies. One of the mechanisms supporting the development of academic entrepreneurship is the creation of public and private partnerships in the field of research and development policy. The goal of the article is to analyse the very process of cooperation that leads to the enhancement of academic entrepreneurship. The author identifies four aspects of that process: (1) opening up of the public sphere, (2) transformation of universities, (3) the role of academic entrepreneurship, (4) private-public partnerships as a mechanism supporting the development of academic entrepreneurship. In the process of the analysis the author aims to tentatively answer the question, what trends affect the process of cooperation in the public-private sphere that support the development of academic entrepreneurship.

Ключевые слова: academic entrepreneurship, cooperation, public-private partnership, public management, research and development innovation policy

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