Innovations №5 / 2018


  1. Кластеры как вектор в развитии инновационной экономики России
  2. Новые пути содействия
  3. Solution for power supply of autonomous objects based on thermoelectric modules
  4. High efficiency heterojunction solar cells based on quasi-mono-crystal silicon wafers
  5. The National Technology Initiative (NTI) development: «Virtual aerodynamic test bed for testing unmanned aerial vehicles» project
  6. Assess the feasibility of establishing international spaceport in Vietnam
  7. The monopolization of high technology markets and intellectual property rights as the law of development of world economic system
  8. Mechanisms for development of social innovations: application of foreign experience in Russia
  9. Venture investors’ and entrepreneurs’ exit strategies from innovative companies
  10. Science and technology support for oil extraction in Russia: the companies’ view
  11. Economics of cybersport
  12. Segmentation of consumers and determination of key values in the innovative cluster
  13. Use of algorithms of an indistinct conclusion for preliminary estimate of participants at cluster approach
  14. Infrastructural issues of deployment of National technology initiative in Kaluga region
  15. Evolution of the acceleration possibility of innovative development in subjects of the Russian Federation the Far Eastern Federal District
  16. Integrated approach to designing, management accounting and innovative improvement of operation cycle of an engineering enterprise
  17. A conceptual model of the formation of patent strategies when launching a new product
  18. A suggested developed model for quality losses estimation