Innovations №8 / 2017


  1. Current trends in the innovative development of St. Petersburg
  2. Эволюция технологий станет ключевой темой X Петербургского инновационного форума
  3. High-tech civilian production in Russian defense industry until 2030
  4. The formation processes of the cluster of information technologies and electronics: key charachteristics of a mature innovative cluster
  5. Evolutionary contour of development of social innovations
  6. The analysis of obstacles to innovation in different classes of Russian enterprises
  7. The investment efficiency of agricultural holdings and factors of investment efficiency (on the data of the agricultural enterprises of NW Russia)
  8. Systemic management of intellectual property in a changing sociocultural space
  9. New model for innovation ecosystem
  10. Green information technology for sustainable development: a case study assessment of the situation in Russia
  11. Sharing economy: problems and development prospects
  12. Neural network approach to solving the problem of forecasting scientific and technological development of country
  13. Factor analysis of energy consumption of industrial enterprises of the Regions with different sectoral structure
  14. E-neural network education in the digital age: theory and practice
  15. Involving students in research work at the university: the mechanism and evaluation of efficiency
  16. The influence of regions’ innovativeness on competitive attractiveness and stability of economy and quality of life
  17. Innovative development of the regions of Russia: results of monitoring (on the example of the Privolzhsk federal district)