Innovations №7 / 2017


  1. Education. Science. Industry. Cases as a Resource for the Formation of Schoolchildren Conscious Choice of the Future Profession.
  2. Titanium direction is sixty years old
  3. Method of corporate community formation
  4. Инновационная экономика и технологическое предпринимательство войдут в программы вузов РФ
  5. Российские ученые адаптируют свои разработки для рынка электроники Китая
  6. Digital economy: new facets of research and teaching in management
  7. Liberal theory and Russian practice in small business
  8. Institutional models of the university in socio-economic systems
  9. Equity crowdfunding. Review of research and development deliverables
  10. Innovative projects management in electric grid companies: the theoretical aspects
  11. Management of sustainable innovation and risk in global supply chain
  12. Circular economy as challenge to the fourth industrial revolution
  13. Constructing future capabilities via innovation strategies: oil & gas majors' profiles
  14. Environmental innovation imperative development industrial enterprises
  15. Japan′s National Innovation System: Soft Adaptation to New Challenges
  16. Tendencies, initiatives, directions in the development of the innovation policy of the Republic of Moldova in the context of the developed EU countries
  17. Improving the efficiency of practice-oriented science and technology clubs of creative development of students and pupils on the platform of universities: the cluster approach
  18. Announcements about innovative activity of Russian companies and the stock market reaction