Innovations №11 / 2017


  1. Завтра, технологическое завтра, наступило вчера
  2. Технологии проектирования, технологии производства, технологии мышления
  3. The comparative analysis of key features of the «industry 4.0» in the countries of Europe6 Asia, The USA and Russia
  4. Great challenges in the development of arctic areas
  5. Sources of national innovation systems development
  6. Improving the value of innovation projects
  7. Methods foresight of the cluster using the arbitrage technology
  8. Peculiarities of innovative entrepreneurship in the conditions of development of the national technology initiative
  9. The essence of the processes of improving business in general, and innovative development in particular
  10. Cultural code of Russia as an obstacle to innovation: is that a statement or nonsense?
  11. Academic spin-off enterprises definition and typology
  12. Mathematical model for evaluating the performance of the project manager in the implementation of innovative activity
  13. Principles of organization of smart-university at personnel training for «industry 4.0»
  14. The formation of the basic competencies for the future of engineering in the face of accelerating scientific and technical progress
  15. Improving the efficiency of production of electronics for innovative automotive systems on the principles of «industry 4.0»
  16. Analysis of the main U-harmonic (university) and B-harmonic (business) in the model of the «triple helix»
  17. Models of the spread of innovations: from description to control of innovation processes