Innovations №10 / 2017


  1. Особая планета — наукоград Дубна
  2. Staff training for military industrial complex. Baltic state technical university experience. Results and prospects
  3. Conceptual foundations of the study of megascience as an organizational and management Innovation
  4. Global chains of value added: challenges and perspectives for Russian science and innovation
  5. Analysis of the causes and consequences of the transfer to Russia of the results of intellectual activities of foreign companies
  6. Factors and mechanisms of internationalization of the innovation clusters
  7. Modeling the assessment of the effectiveness of the regional innovation system in Russia
  8. Integrated assessment of economic efficiency of technological innovation in the agricultural sector of the Russian Federation
  9. Diagnostics of the conditions of energy sector innovation ecosystem development
  10. Innovative eco-efficient technologies of small businesses in the development of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation
  11. Differentiation of socio-economic development of Russian Arctic regions
  12. Methodology of indexing the dynamics of atmospheric pollution for estimation of environmental safety in strategic planning of regional development
  13. Key features and implications of industrial revolution 4.0
  14. Issues of increasing the machine-building complex in innovation sphere of Azerbaijan
  15. Universal criteria system for innovation project assessment
  16. Development of mathematical models for effective planning processes of the quality management system in the production of design and survey products