Innovations №3 / 2016


  1. Genomic monitoring of the individual, as a new innovative mechanism to ensure the healthy development of the people
  2. The russian aircraft carriers of the xxi century: logistic approach to the problem of creating
  3. Priorities in infrastructure provision of the deindustrialization transformed national innovation system of Russia
  4. The Influence of the firm’s size on the structure of innovative process
  5. Improving the competitiveness of innovation based marketing innovation
  6. Infrastructures for innovation support: problems of development
  7. The role of engineering services in the boost of technological innovation efficiency (using federal subject of the Russian Federation as a case study)
  8. Venture investment creation and commercialization of hi-tech products
  9. Institutions of Regional Development Regulation
  10. Cluster approach to the management of information resources in the region
  11. Background of creation of regional supporting university on the platform of Tver state university
  12. Formation and development of system of continuous modular training on defense industry enterprises (on the example of JSC «Aviaavtomatika» n. a. V. V. Tarasov»)
  13. Development of university-business cooperation: European and Russian experience
  14. Why entrepreneurial education in the University has to start from the discipline «Life Navigation»?
  15. Key measurement level of innovation system of participating EAEC
  16. Investigation of models of the innovation process, specific to the developers of innovations in Russia
  17. Analysis of the market response to the announcements of Russian companies on investments in innovative projects