Innovations №8 / 2015

MSTU "STANKIN" — leading scientific and educational center of the country in the field of engineering On the 85th anniversary of the


  1. Key areas of innovation Activities MSTU "STANKIN" - as the leading scientific and educational center of the country in the field of engineering
  2. The approach to the development of CNC systems as innovative Product Service Systems
  3. Increasing of production of innovative equipment for mechanical engineering as a way of ensuring technological security
  4. Development of the mechanism of state support for innovative sectors of the economy (on the example of digital manufacturing)
  5. Macroeconomic approach to knowledge management in the innovation economy
  6. Innovative accelerators: business incubator and technopark as instruments of startups support and development
  7. Innovative digital manufacturing based on additive technologies
  8. Interaction of the educational organizations of the higher education and machine-building enterprises as one of the main instruments of the human capital development
  9. The principles and criteria for the adoption of strategies of innovation-oriented development of industrial enterprises
  10. Building a multilevel system of innovative potential of high-tech enterprises
  11. Feature classification of risks in the value management enterprise in the conditions innovation economy
  12. Innovative research MSTU «STANKIN» in the development of materials with new properties by the methods of atomic-molecular design
  13. Predictive modelling of design innovative solutions for the configuration of means of equipment of hi-tech productions
  14. Equipment for the formation of wear resistance surface alloys for cutting tools: scientific aspects and commercialization
  15. Innovative approach to solve optimization problems of resource allocation in industry
  16. The innovative device for monitoring processes metalworking
  17. Ensuring the accuracy of the measurement errors of form and position of surfaces based on innovative equipment
  18. An innovative approach to power rectifier device manufacturing equipment in modern engineering
  19. The innovative system for magneto-pulse treatment
  20. Application of CAE to analysis of technological processes using the honing.
  21. Innovations in the manufacturing equipment design