Innovations №7 / 2015


  1. Interviews with Seredohoy V.A. "The plant's history - a history of the development of new technologies that have changed the Russian shipbuilding"
  2. Integration of competences («open innovations») — effective mechanism of innovative product development
  3. New strategies in non-strategic borders
  4. Founder of the School of Innovation in the Saratov region (the 75th anniversary of Vazgen Rubenovich Atoyan)
  5. Formation of innovative clusters in Russia: results of the first years of support
  6. The role of the coordination mechanisms in the strategic management of science and innovation in modern conditions
  7. Innovation objectives of the present-day state priorities in science: brief review of international experience
  8. The technological development of the Russian oil and gas companies
  9. The influence of regional innovation systems on the success of state programs on energy conservation and efficiency
  10. Analysis of the development of the syndicated deals involving business angels
  11. Localization of innovation processes: beyond the concept of geographical proximit
  12. Research of technological entrepreneurship development in Nizhny Novgorod region
  13. The Norten industrial complex after sanctions
  14. Development of oil and gas regions of the North in the fall of oil prices
  15. Component approach to the risks assessment of regional development (using Nogorod region as an example)
  16. Internet-marketing of the science journal
  17. Risk assessment methods in venture funding and ways to reduce them
  18. The definition of evaluation factors commercial airlines