Innovations №5 / 2015


  1. What Russia needs engineers
  2. Innovation - 25
  3. Purchasing or procurement of innovative products innovation?
  4. Designing Mechanism of Innovation Vouchers in Russia: Anti-Crisis Agenda
  5. Innovative vector of Russia's cooperation with the BRICS countries
  6. Development of institutional conditions of production innovations
  7. Optimal proportions of innovation systems of Russia and its regions
  8. Science and industry consortiums as an institutional basis of National Technology Initiative development and implementation
  9. Problems and opportunities of innovative development in the radio-electronic industry of Russia (evaluation of the current state of the radioelectronic industry of Russia)
  10. The technological platform in the implementation of the Federal target program «Research and development on priority directions of development of scientific-technological complex of Russia for 2014–2020»
  11. The pilot project for improvement of system of additional professional education
  12. Learning for innovative start-ups
  13. The creation of a regional innovation system in the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation: design and implementation experience
  14. The concept of innovation Nizhny Novgorod region: monitoring of target indicators
  15. The man aspects of innovative development of the region (on the example of Vladimir region)
  16. Contemporary organizational models of innovation management
  17. Experience in the use of crowdsourcing to finalize the IT strategy of the organization
  18. Diversification of air and rocket engine technologies in the industry