Innovations №3 / 2015


  1. Order of the Government of the Russian Federation from 06.03.2015 № 373-p "On approval of the implementation plan in 2015-2016. Strategy of innovative development of the Russian Federation for the period till 2020 "
  2. Academician Alferov: "The development of mankind is due to the changing technologies and changing technologies are born in research and development"
  3. "We are moving away from an unrealistic perception of the economy"
  4. Systematization of approaches to complex solution for helicopter flight safety increase
  5. An empirical analysis of the domestic fast growing high-tech companies’ competitiveness
  6. Key risks of the «New manufacturing technologies» in the national circuit technology initiative
  7. Developing complex comprehensive models of socioeconomic systems: model of institutional functions for scientific and educational complexes (centers) to assess entrepreneurial universities
  8. Principles of multi-sided platforms
  9. Main principles of identifaction of innovation infrastructure elements
  10. The concept of innovation Nizhny Novgorod region:general provisions
  11. Evaluation of effectiveness of implementation of cluster policy in the region
  12. Experience in creating innovative and managerial skills of the engineering staff in high school
  13. Innovations: the way to increase the competitiveness and development of the Republic of Moldova
  14. The innovative model of the Moldovan art market development
  15. Innovative mechanisms of providing competitiveness of goods when developing
  16. Innovation Fitness Test as a tool to assess the«health innovation» of the enterprise
  17. Managing the implementation of innovative products
  18. Providing the optimum level of product quality
  19. Application of modern computer simulation programs for the design and construction of high-speed passenger catamaran from carbon