Innovations №9 / 2014


  1. Strategic priorities of innovative developmentof the industrial enterprise in structure of the holding company «JSC Concern Radioelektronnye Tekhnologii (on the example of JSC «Aviaavtomatika»
  2. State and problems of legislative support electronic industry in the system the military-industrial complex of Russia
  3. The process of creating innovative competitive import substitution product
  4. A systematic approach to human resources development the military-industrial complex
  5. From professional development process to system innovative training of the personnelat the hi-tech enterprise
  6. Science and technology as factors in geopolitics
  7. Comparing the Role of Quality of Life and Valuesin the Development Strategy of Both Emerging Market Countries and in the West
  8. Innovative reindustrialization of russian economy under conditions of increased hypercompetiotion in the world markets
  9. On the estimation of state support for agriculture
  10. Effect large industrial enterprises on sector generation fundamental knowledge (2)
  11. The open innovations model’s implementation in case of Nizhnii Novgorod IT-cluster
  12. Intangible assets of state-owned companies as a measure of evaluation of R & D and the main source of innovation development
  13. Economical analysis of the opportunities of russian manufactories to enter technological networksin wind industry
  14. Theorist-methdological approach to management technogen risk on enterprise is defended-industrial complex
  15. Methods for integrated product development within the system of management of innovative projects
  16. Role of economical production in a sustainable development of the industrial enterprise (on the example of JSC «Aviaavtomatika»
  17. Principal lines of development of fault detection system and aircraft technical state detection
  18. Concept of state monitoring and safety evaluation of «crew - aircraft -environment» system
  19. The development of high-performance composite thermal insulation materials