Innovations №4 / 2013


  1. About the Plan of Action for the Establishment GS Development of Human Resources in the Military-Industrial Complex
  2. The Action Plan (2013-2016 years): creating the nucleus of the EU defense industry RCP
  3. About the Current State and the Main Directions of Improving the System of Training and Retraining of Staff at the Organizations of the Defense-Industrial Complex
  4. Problems and Future Development of the State Plan of Training of Specialists for the Military-Industrial Complex
  5. Status and Problems of Regulatory and Legal Ensuring of the Maintaing and Training of Personnel Potential for the Defense Industry
  6. Science waits young
  7. Integration of Education, Science and Industry as the Basis of Target Training
  8. The system of additional vocational training for the military-industrial complex - law, responsibility, high quality
  9. Systems-engineer training for the military-industrial complex
  10. The peopleware of the formation of advanced scientific and technological reserve and industrial development
  11. Development of Technical Creativity of Schoolchildren as a Necessary Component for the State Program of Training to the Military-Industrial Complex
  12. School - a Key Factor in the development of Human Resources of the Military-Industrial Complex
  13. As an Additional Professional Education - the Central Issue of the Reform of Professional Education
  14. Innovation in Higher Education: Problems, Transformation Processes, Mechanisms to Accelerate the Development
  15. Venture Business and Economic Crises for Last Two Decades
  16. Innovative Approaches to the Solution of Infrastructure Problems of Sustainable Development of the Russian Power System
  17. Support Infrastructure for the International EU-Russia S&T Cooperation: Current Status and Prospects
  18. Production Factors and Their Specificity in Saint-Petersburg
  19. Interconnection Between Innovation Development of Technologies and Organizational Structures of Enterprises and Industries (on Example of Aircraft Manufacturing)
  20. The Capacity of Knowledge-Based Component of the Ukrainian Pharmaceutical Industry and Its Realization
  21. Intellectual Property as an Important Factor for Innovative Development of the Republic of Moldova