Innovations № 11 / 2015

Статьи выпуска

  1. Innovation: theory and staffing of innovative activity
  2. Scientific innovation crisis and ways to overcome it
  3. Self-organization in scientific and technical environment and innovative medii in Eurasia project
  4. National innovation system of Russia: current state and development prospects
  5. On the physical models of the spread of innovations in the socio-economic environment
  6. Evaluation of the strategic prospects for the development of clusters using the book value and sales multiples
  7. Technology transfer as a factor of progress of regional innovation system
  8. Innovation infrastructure in the new industrialization: the application of methods of innovation
  9. Glocalization of innovations: the role of clusters and transnational context in regional development
  10. Development of system of additional professional education within defense industry structures
  11. Innovation manager in a company: profession specifics
  12. Management of innovative projects — quintessence of education of the professional of innovatics
  13. Bachelors program «Management of projects and investigations» in Institute of natural sciences of the Ural federal university
  14. System dynamics application for knowledge management system description
  15. The concept of Quick Response Manufacturing as the basis for the transition to domestic enterprises postfordist management paradigm
  16. Model of effective system of technology transfer in universities and scientific organizations in Russia
  17. The methodical tools of determination of innovative development strategy of an enterprise
  18. Инновационный процесс в наукоемкой организации: условия достижения эффективности
  19. The mathematical and methodical provision of the innovation ecosystem in the problem of the Car Exhaust Emissions neutralization